Authentic reading project

“Authentic reading from beginning to advanced” is a project that is funded through a CeLTA fellowship, together with Zarema Kumakhova.

Vocabulary lessons

This is a set of lessons that endeavors to help elementary/intermediate students improve their ability to comprehend and retain vocabulary.  The lessons are currently being moved from SoftChalk to H5P.

The lesson titles are the following:

Overcoming barriers
Recognizing cognates
How to use a dictionary
Word formation basics
The relationship of grammar and context
From passive to active vocabulary

Russian reader

Zarema Kumakhova has developed an extensive set of activities to accompany several works of Russian literature. These activities focus on the comprehension of new vocabulary from roots and the retention of new vocabulary. I have been assisting Dr. Kumakhova in moving these activities from paper to an online format using Adobe Captivate.